Blog-Jumpstart Speech and Language Therapy


How do I make an appointment?

Jennifer offers an initial telephone/online consultation free of charge. You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and Jennifer will advise on the most appropriate course of action. 


What should I expect at initial assessment?

Jennifer will assess your child's speech and/or language skills and will discuss the results with you. An area in your home free from any distraction is advised for assessment and intervention.

What should I expect during a therapy session?
An hour of therapy involves 45 minutes of direct therapy with your child and 15 minutes of feedback with the parent. Parents are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions to ensure effective carryover of speech and language therapy goals.

Does my child require a speech sound assessment, a language assessment or both? 

  • A speech sound assessment assesses your childís clarity of speech only. This assessment will be carried out where the only concern is around clarity, and where there are no concerns about your childís understanding or use of language.  A language assessment is not conducted as part of a speech assessment. However, if the therapistís observations indicate that your child has difficulties in the area of language, a language assessment will be recommended accordingly.  Further assessment will not involve a new assessment fee but will be charged at the sessional rate.
  • A language assessment assesses your childís understanding and use of language.
  • A full speech and language assessment assesses your child's speech sound development and their understanding and use of language.

How long will my child be attending therapy?
Jennifer will give you an estimate of how long intervention may take. Therapy is generally arranged in blocks of sessions with progress reviewed at the end of each block. Breaks from therapy are also recommended to consolidate new skills and to ensure your child stays motivated to learn further skills.